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Assessments - Overview and Directions

There are three assessments you will be taking. The first is used to determine the relative level of interest and the area of interest you have in a number of categories. The second assessment will evaluate your current and potential skill levels for your top five categories from the first assessment. The third will measure your personal and job valuation for each of your top five categories.

Start Demo - if you would like to see a demo of a typical user who has completed all three assessments. This will log you into a demo user account. From here you can follow the links to each of the assessments where you can view the completed categories, the analysis and the summary pages.

This Interests & Adorations assessment will indicate what categories interest you most. You will answer a series of questions which will yield a yellow choice denoting your level of interest. Then you will mark a green answer which shows the type of interest you have for each category.


The Skills and Abilities will focus on what you can do already or have the aptititude or desire to learn. It provides a good foundation for determining where you are at according to your abilities and potential.


Values & Needs are personal treasures that enhance your life. They are MUST HAVE'S that you cannot live without. And it has been said that when you are true to your values, you are in harmony with yourself.